6395 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland   

    Mixed Pickles is Sharon Hoyle,
    Roger Williams and a big pile of
    really great vintage stuff.
    Favorite things: Salvaged and
    architectural antiques, advertising
    signs, furniture with clean lines,
    and finding new uses for vintage

    Sharon opened the first location in
    North Berkeley in 1998. Roger
    wandered into the shop in 2002.
    They struck up a conversation about
    1920's Jazz musicians, and have
    been talking ever since.

    The opportunity for a great new
    location in their hometown of
    Oakland presented itself. The new
    bigger & brighter shop opened as a
    partnership in December 2010 when
    the contents of their two homes
    reached maximum capacity.

    The shop moved from Shattuck Ave in
    2010 to Oakland's Sunny Upper
    Telegraph / Temescal district.
    Corner of Telegraph Ave @ Alcatraz.